Inspiration from the beach


Happy New Year everyone!  My family and I spent Christmas in Florida at the beautiful Navarre Beach.  I wrote this piece while we were there and thought I would share.  I’m hoping this small piece will eventually turn into something larger.  Hope you enjoy!

Persistent in my face, the rays of the sun provoke me from my rest.  The waves of the ocean gently sing in my ear as they crash against the shore.  The desire to sleep and the lure of the sun battle for my attention.  The sun gloats in her victory as I arise and make my way to the ocean with unkempt hair, still rubbing sleep from my eyes.   I tilt my face toward the sun; letting her bask me in her warmth; fill me with her brilliance.  Seized by her glory, I plant myself in the sand and allow it to contour my body.  Paying no mind to the mixture of salt and sand finding their way into the locks of my hair, I welcome the brisk feel of the ocean as it crashes over me.  Unobstructed views from sand to sea; unsure of where the sky ends and the earth begins.  Birds with the freedom to go and come as the wind calls remarkably choose to share this spot with me.

The beauty of the day fleeting away, I soak in every minute of light the sun offers until she dips beneath the sea.  As her radiance slowly fades, her beauty still captivates with shades of blush and lavender.  Even in her departure she commands the attention of all creation with her magnificence.  I extend my graciousness to her for the wonderful day she supplied, humbled by the scarlet tint that remains on my skin.

All remnants of the sun disappear and the sky gradually transforms with the probing darkness.  Exhaustion creeps over me as the moon barely emerges over the horizon.  Sleep comes peacefully, but escapes prematurely.  Jealous of the attention I devoted to the sun, the moon demands his portion of my reverence.

Much like myself, the ocean is restless; even more alive than before.  Though tired and weary, I take in the night sky.  The cool breeze the night provides soothes the burn that too much sun imparts.  The stars in their splendor blanket the sky.  Darkness blends the sky and sea; the only proof of segregation is the twinkle cast by the moon over the water.   The moon calls to me as he calls to the tide.   He draws my attention to the beauty of my skin beneath his illustrious glow .  He beckons me like a long-lost lover reminding me why I favor him over the sun.

He directs my gaze to the beauty and pleasures the sun distracts me from.  Everything he touches sparkles with delight.  Surrounded in silence and darkness, floods of memories and hope for the future invade my mind.  I am reminded of all that I long for; exposed by the deathlike kiss of the cool salty wind.   In quiet satisfaction the moon pulls me to his bosom and embraces me in his luminosity.  His kiss of seduction transcends that of the sun; he leaves no rosy mark in his wake.  He appeals to the darkest side of my desires.  His cool breath reminds me while I may be apprehended by the sun; I am a prisoner of the moon.


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