Empty Me


Searching for a place; longing to find

No longer the need to hold it inside.


A place for fools, for lovers forgotten.

For dreamers and believers before life made us rotten.

Bled, but haven’t died.  Bruised, but still feel alive.

No doubt, no fear, no reason to rhyme.


To love with all that I have;

To think and be all that I am.

Comfortable to cry, and shed all my tears.

To feel completely, with absence of fear.


Bare and exposed; the beauty within.

Dare to see through the colors of my sin.

All of me I long to display.

When I do, how long will you stay?


Fall into me, leave nothing behind.

All or nothing; no compromise.


All of me and all of you.

Wound me with the depth of your love.

Bleed openly and willingly,

Something we can be in awe of.


Dare to be the place where I can be free.

Make me feel at home and empty all of me.  


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